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PAF Validation and Enhancement

Correctly addressed mail helps you reduce mailing wastage, save money and create a better corporate image. Using the right addresses also ensures prompt and reliable delivery of communications meaning you’ll get a better response. The Postcode Address File (PAF) is a complete database of every address in the UK to which mail is delivered, together with its appropriate postcode. The database contains over 28 million addresses of consumers, businesses and other organisations. PAF is produced by the Royal Mail and is updated quarterly.


Using sophisticated name and address matching software, Data-Gateway is able to remove duplicate records from your database or mailing list. This service is customised to your needs as the rate of de-duplication depends on the match criteria chosen. For example, the deduplication rules can be set to ensure that the output file only contains one record per household. By reducing the number of records available for subsequent processing and mailing, deduplication can save significant amounts on print, production and postage costs.

Deceased Screening

Data-Gateway sources the industry recognised Halo Millenium database which was developed in 2004. The file contains the details of over 8 million deceased individuals, with over 45,000 new records added each month. This database provides you with the opportunity to identify deceased individuals in order to assess, save resource and safeguard your brand. Halo can also provide a deceased confidence score which is driven by the source of the data for example probate etc.

Goneaway Screening

Callcredit has been working with the industry since 2001 to identify known gone aways. Callcredit is using this wealth of data in its newly released Skip file. The Skip file contains over 25 million records and is updated monthly. Over 90% of all movers are captured within 12 months of moving.

User Suppression File Creation

By using the User Suppression File option, you can screen your file against a 'Do not mail' list or similar. You could also upload a list of people who you had already mailed, and screen against this list instead. Mulitiple files can be uploaded, and you can add more records to an existing file.

Salacious Word Screening

Avoid the brand damage and offense caused by salacious names or inapropriate phrases contained in your mailing files. The name and address fields in your file are screened against the Data-Gateway salacious names file, compiled in-house and updated frequently.

Telephone Number Appending – BT OSIS

Callcredit Marketing Limited work under license from BT to access the directory information database. This is the same database used by companies offering a 118 Directory Enquiry service. The OSIS file (Operator Services Information System) represents the most accurate and cost effective source for the appending of telephone numbers against names and addresses. Updated daily it also includes cable and mobile telephone numbers where these are provided by operators. The database also contains information for subscribers who prefer for their number to be 'ex-directory'. XD searching is useful to verify an individual at an address, but the telephone number cannot be returned. An XD flag appended to a consumer record confirms their name & address but indicates that they are ex-directory and therefore less likely to respond to telemarketing.

Nearest Location & Drivetime Appending

By uploading a list of postcodes, for example your store/branch locations, we are able to append the name and postcode of the nearest store/branch, the distance in miles and also drive-time information to each customer or prospect record in the file; allowing you to personalise your marketing message based upon each person's location. You can maintain multiple lists of locations and choose which one to process against when you submit a job.

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